Your privacy and security are important

Privacy Promise Overview

  • You retain ownership and control of your data.
  • You can review and remove your digital items from the system at anytime.
  • You control what the system saves. You may temporarily pause the system or permanently block by URL, file, application, and more. This excluded content never leaves your computer or phone.
  • Each digital item remains encrypted at rest and in motion.

Letter from the CEO

The idea for Atlas started when I found myself spending too much time searching for things across devices and cloud services.


The security and privacy of your data is our number one priority, that’s why we’ve built Atlas with features to give you complete control.


All of your items are encrypted as they move from the application to the Atlas cloud and remain encrypted at rest.

A Letter from Jordan Ritter, CEO

The idea for Atlas started when I found myself spending far too much time searching for things in an ever-increasing heap of files and messages across devices and cloud services. I set out to create a product that elevates people above the drudgery of hunting down and organizing their content, so they can focus more on doing what they need to get done.

We understand that using a service that helps you remember everything you’ve seen requires a high degree of trust. At Atlas informatics, we take this responsibility seriously. Upon starting this company in 2014, my first act was to ensure your data rights are baked into the company’s DNA and our Privacy Promise.

At its core, we structured the company, its policies and our product around keeping you in control of your data. For example, you retain ownership of your data and have the power to review and remove your items from the system at anytime. You’re also empowered to directly control what Atlas saves via our Block and Pause features - excluded items are never seen by the system and thus never leave your computer or phone.

We work tirelessly to ensure your data stays safe - that’s why digital items are encrypted in motion and at rest. As we grow, we plan to set a new industry standard for security by publishing audits of our system, and we’re also developing new security technology so your data remains safe now and in the future.

We respect you and the privacy of your data, and that’s why we created a product that puts your trust at the forefront. I hope you give Atlas a try, and allow us a chance to earn that trust and help you get more productive.


Jordan Ritter
CEO, Atlas Informatics


Your privacy is important to you and all of us at Atlas Informatics, that’s why we’ve built Atlas with features that give you complete control over what it saves for you.

What type of data does Atlas collect and why?

Atlas uses browser extensions and the accessibility settings in your computer to collect text and screenshots from your applications that allow you to search for the content you work with all day.

Atlas also collects metadata about your usage of the system, and about the device on which Atlas is running. Anonymous aggregates of this metadata are used to improve your search experience and provide personalized recommendations. To learn more about what Atlas means by metadata, please read our KB article.

You’re in control of what information Atlas collects - the web sites, email, files, and apps that you choose to exclude will never be recorded by the system. Atlas also makes it easy to selectively review and remove individual items from the system.

Can I delete ALL of the content Atlas has saved?

Yes, if you delete your Atlas account we delete all of your content from our servers. You can read more on how to delete your account.

Who has access to my data?

Key members of our security team, who have undergone thorough background and security checks, are able to access information on our servers. This access is closely monitored and only used to the degree required to operate Atlas and its associated services. Our team will never access customer items (documents, webpages, or files saved through Atlas, or user-specific metadata that Atlas collects) unless required by law such as to comply with subpoena, or similar legal process where disclosure is legally required to protect Atlas Informatics, its customers, the public, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request. Furthermore, our commitment to user privacy includes fighting overly-broad searches. To date, Atlas Informatics has never received a search warrant or national security letter for user data.

Atlas Informatics is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your information is private. To that end, we will not sell, rent, or share any of your personal information, files, or usage history to a third party.

Where is my data stored?

Our platform and data storage is hosted on Amazon AWS. You can read their privacy promise here. We utilize the fine-grained security and privacy controls offered by AWS to restrict data access as much as we can while maintaining Atlas' functionality. We selected AWS in part because of their demonstrated strong commitment to privacy and security.


Atlas Informatics takes the security of your personal information very seriously. Our data storage incorporates multiple layers of security, including authentication and authorization checks, encryption both at rest and within our infrastructure, and access logging. We have strict access control policies, derived from the principle of least privilege, to keep your data safe.

Our dedicated security engineering team also performs code reviews and regular security audits to ensure user data remains secure. We also actively engages third party specialists to make sure we meet a high standard of security.

What can I do to protect my account?

There are steps you can take to help keep your data safe.

  1. Create a unique password: One that you don’t use with any other account. The more unique characters and longer length, the more secure your account will be.
  2. Never share your password: This is intended for you and you alone.
  3. Logout of Atlas on your unused devices: As you change devices, make sure you logout of your Atlas account before retiring them.

How does Atlas Informatics keep my data secure?

In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of your data, we have put in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect. All of your items are encrypted as they move between the Atlas application to the Atlas cloud, and are also encrypted at rest. Atlas Informatics’ security system and promise ensures that you retain ownership and control of your data at all times and can remove all of your data from the system at any time. Information on how to delete your account can be found here.

Application Security

Atlas is an application that is deployed on your device. The application is cryptographically signed by Atlas Informatics, and updates are verified before installation. Access is managed through the use of best practices in authentication functionality that we consistently improve to ensure we are providing best in class for our customer’s security. All events are logged so we can secure your privacy.

Network Security

We use network security to prevent attacks from occurring against the Atlas application and platform. We leverage services that incorporate firewalls and intrusion detection services, so we can limit the type of traffic that can access your Atlas application. In addition, by leveraging authentication we can ensure that customers only access the data that they own on the platform. We secure data transfer between the client application/platform and platform using TLS 1.2 with 128-bit or stronger encryption and perfect forward secrecy that prevents access to data on the move.

Physical Security

To support our scaling and reliability requirements, we have partnered with Amazon AWS storage solutions, which are designed to support our mission-critical services leveraging Amazon’s best in class capabilities. Furthermore, we also secure your data within this environment using Amazon’s security features (AWS S3 encrypted storage and AWS KMS for key storage).

If you have any additional questions about privacy or our security, please see our knowledge base article or contact us at


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