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How To Search In Excel

If you’ve ever battled a big data set, you probably fought with Excel. You aren't alone—nearly everyone who deals with data uses Microsoft Office’s industry-leading spreadsheet software .

How Financial Experts Organize Their Taxes

The annual tax deadline approaches. So does the start of that annual ritual—frantic efforts to retrieve receipts, document donations, and find forms.

Who'll Be The Marie Kondo Of The Digital World?

I used to scavenge through drawers to find the right socks, but that was before I learned to talk to them.

How To Search Your iMessage History

If an animal behaviorist saw your text messages, they'd probably classify them as contact calls. Like a chicken's cluck or a goose's honk, we use iMessage to share our immediate thoughts, make short-term plans, or just say hi to friends and family.

Eidetic Imagery: How Mental Photos Can Help You Master Memory

Eidetic imagery is the closest scientifically-recognized concept to photographic memory. Some people—scientists call them "eidetikers"—are able to look at an image and take a mental picture of it. When the picture is removed, they report still being able to "see" it, colors and all.

Professional Goal-Setters Tell You How To Make Your Resolution Stick

Why do some people achieve their goals, and others fall short? 

The Best iPhone Hacks For 2017

iPhone lovers and productivity fans have dozens of new features to celebrate with the September 2016 release of iOS 10. Most of these ways to express yourself, save time, or outsmart the masses are brand-new—though we've mixed in a few indispensable classics.

Atlas joins VentureBeat's 15 interesting startups to watch in 2017

People are gearing up to say good riddance to 2016, and as the Earth completes another revolution around the sun, we’re all eager to try our hand at predicting the next big thing. Will virtual reality, on-demand services, and bots shine again in 2017? Or will the spotlight turn to messaging apps, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence?

Atlas wins a Pogie Awards: The best ideas in technology of 2016

This time of year, the web teems with “best products of the year” articles. But the Pogie awards are different.

How To Search Your Browsing History On Safari

If you're on a computer all day, you churn through dozens of web pages every hour. Quickly accessing, comparing, and drawing from those pages can dramatically speed up any research project. So understanding how to use your browser history is a big time-saver.


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