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Startups & the UX Design Challenge

User experience design is one of the more challenging aspects to any interactive design project. Whether it’s a website, mobile app, or desktop software, the goal is to create a pleasurable, immersive, and inspiring experience for the end user. As a start up focused on developing next level productivity and collaboration tools, we recognize (and embrace) the challenge of getting the user experience just right. A UX Wizard is an essential and valuable part of any budding startup team.

Why I Chose to Join Ivy Softworks

We’re continuing to grow out the team here at Ivy Softworks, and meeting with a lot of talented engineers and entrepreneurs. When speaking with candidates, I often get asked why I decided to join the company. In an effort to stop repeating myself, I’ve committed my answer to this blog for future candidates to reference (Just kidding, of course you can still ask. I’ll probably just read this post to you anyway).

Why We Do What We Do

Recently I came across some old nostalgic bits from one of my companies. One of those bits was an email I wrote to the entire company, following a particularly large website and product launch the night before. An incredible amount of time and effort had gone into making that launch successful, and succeed it did.


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