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If you saw it on your Mac, you can search for it.

NEW YORKI don’t have a photographic memory, much as I wish otherwise. But the remarkably useful, if still imperfect, digital search tool that I’ve been testing for more than a month now called Atlas Recall has given my Mac a photographic memory.

53 Productivity Tips For First-Time Dads From Founders and CEOs

First-time fatherhood is a thrilling and exhausting experience. Once the shock wears off, how do you keep your work productivity up while being the father you want to be? We convened a roundtable of successful dads and asked them.

How To Stay Focused On Your Goals During The Holidays

If productivity was a video game, the holidays would be the hardest level. Only productivity virtuosos make it to January 1 without taking any stress-related damage.

Can Emoji Drive Better Business Results?

Can emoji -- those cute icons that express an emotion or sentiment in digital communications -- enhance and enrich team-building and culture within companies?

Atlas Recall is a (mostly) photographic memory for your computing life

David Pogue, of Yahoo Finance, recently did an in depth review of Atlas Recall.

Using an app that remembers all my digital activity felt like putting my brain in a jar

Atlas Recall is also cool. It looks nice and it’s fun to play with. That’s just my average human narcissism talking — what’s more fascinating to me than a beautifully laid out map of my own brain? Nothing!

5 Visionaries Share How They Would Tackle Digital Organization

We’re working hard to redefine search as we know it. And, Atlas Recall, our first product, is a new personal search engine that gives you a photographic memory for your digital life by automatically finding, saving and organizing everything you’ve seen across all of your devices, apps and cloud services.

19 CEOs, Athletes, And Other Successful People Explain Why They Meditate

We've all felt the stress that the chaos of modern life can cause. It's easy to consider stress as a weakness, something to be conquered. But scientists are increasingly finding that the technology we use is responsible for some of these stresses. Our minds weren't designed to flip between Excel and Twitter, while sitting in on a Powerpoint presentation.

The 32 Best iOS Apps For Commuters

Americans spend a collective 3.4 billion years commuting to work—enough to build the Giza pyramid 26 times, according to the Washington Post. The average commute is the longest it's ever been—an average of 26 minutes in 2014. More than 12 million Americans commute more than an hour each way.

This App Can Find Everything You've Ever Looked At On Your Computer

Recall is the first big product from the company Atlas Informatics, which was founded by Napster co-founder Jordan Ritter. The app takes a screenshot of everything you view on your device and indexes its contents, which you can search through later -- a feat made possible by the same accessibility functions that enable your computer to read text on the screen out loud. 


We noticed you're not using Mac

Atlas Recall Beta is currently available for Mac OS.

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