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Microsoft and Nathan Myhrvold invest in Atlas, a search engine for your digital footprint

Microsoft and Nathan Myhrvold are some of the backers behind a new Seattle startup that wants to create a search engine for your digital life.

Atlas Recall is a cross-platform search with a big caveat

Imagine if you had a personal assistant that was constantly taking screenshots of everything you looked at on your computer and filing them away for future reference. Then imagine if you could call upon that assistant to pull up that obscure Wikipedia page you were looking at while you were working on your business proposal at 3 PM yesterday. That tool now exists, and it's called Atlas Recall.

How an Interior Designer Curates Her Own Digital World

Organizing our content is a real issue because there are so many disparate pieces that we have to corral each day.

Blending Two Organization Styles -- Digital and Analog

I am 59, and I embrace both the analog and digital ways of life. Both are very much in the mix for me.

Organizing My “Digital Kitchen”

To be a chef, you really have to be organized. And the best restaurant kitchens are often the most organized.

To BCC or Not to BCC: Blind Carbon Copy Etiquette


Is Our Digital Society Forgetful?

 Does our digital society have trouble remembering things? Jerry Michalski, the founder of REX, a think tank that convenes change agents focused on the relationship economy, says “absolutely.”

Content Overload is Exhausting Users

People Are Forced to Deal With the Whole Process of Finding Their Digital Information, But There’s So Much Wasted Time and Energy


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