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A New Way of Thinking About Digital Disarray

Atlas Informatics Talks With T.A. McCann, Entrepreneur

Getting to the Digital Promised Land

Atlas Informatics talks with David Hornik, General Partner, August Capital

7 Simple Productivity Hacks for Busy People

Being successful in today's constantly on world means knowing smart hacks and how to use them. You likely already use note utilities, synched calendars and other clever tools to make your days more productive. These tools make it easier to get more done in less time, but there's always room to improve when it comes to overall productivity. Here are seven great hacks to make life easier.

Atlas Recall for Mac - Arriving this Summer

Your new personal search engine will soon be available for Mac.

The Atlas Privacy Promise

Your privacy is important to you and all of us at Atlas. Here's a quick overview of our Privacy Promise.

Lost in Digital Space

We’re lost in digital space today.

Using Data to Drive a Better Atlas User Experience

Atlas Data Scientist, Claire Jaja, explains how her expertise in computational linguistics helps users makes the Recall experience more intuitive and user friendly.

The True Cost of Digital Chaos

This story was originally featured on Tech Insider

Why Email is So Disruptive

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Learn How Atlas Recall is Powered by Human-Centered Design

People resonate with technology that feels intuitive and solves a problem. This is the essence of Human Centered Design - and a key component to how Atlas approaches software development.


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