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How a 2,000 year old Mathematical Pattern Inspired Product Design at Atlas

Product designer, Jon Gleasman, describes how classical math inspired the design of Atlas.

Meet Brian Krabach, Atlas Director of Development

What’s your role at Atlas?

I’m responsible for helping guide our engineers as they hone their skills and grow from "good developers" to "great professional engineers." At the same time, I help the entire Atlas team understand the product vision and balance our priorities across a large scope of work as we build out our platform and applications. My overall goal is to help build an amazing team that builds an amazing product. I roll up my sleeves and apply these philosophies every day as I dig into the code by leading UI development of the product.

Connected Leadership Helps Startup Teams Achieve Greatness

Connected leadership isn’t touchy-feely, but it does go right to the heart. This means that connected leaders must understand what it’s really like to be an employee at any given moment, and, more specifically, how they can help the struggling, hard-working people in their organization triumph in the end.

Search and We Shall Find

The beta for Atlas Recall is launching this summer! We're here to share exciting updates on how its powerful features will keep you effortlessly productive.

A 2016 New Year’s Resolution: Invest in Your Career Happiness

Happy belated New Years! As we enter 2016, I have a resolution for everyone: invest in yourself. Most people already have in different ways: fitness, academic, and “living life to the fullest” resolutions top the charts every year. But in 2016, we should make another investment: an investment in our career happiness.

Napster co-founder, startup CEO Jordan Ritter is working on a recipe for innovation

Our CEO, Jordan Ritter, was featured as GeekWire's Geek of the Week. 

Read the article on GeekWire.

Contextual Search Platform Atlas Is Ivy Softworks’ First Spinoff

TechCrunch just published an article providing an inside look at Ivy Softwork's first spinoff: Atlas.

Introducing: Atlas, Everything Seen is Remembered

We are all dependent on multiple devices, apps, platforms and services to help us be productive. A laptop running Windows, a tablet and a phone running iOS, email accounts from Google and Yahoo, a couple chat clients, several cloud storage accounts, and social media accounts across the board.

The secret to building a world-class startup team

Traditional recruiting for tech startups has focused on finding the right skill sets. That’s an important variable, but it doesn’t help a great team to mesh. Read more on the VentureBeat article.


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