Using Atlas Recall

Need help getting started? Follow these steps to get set up.

1. Set up Atlas and let it Work its Magic

Atlas onboarding screen.

Welcome to your new photographic memory! Once installed and set up, Atlas gives you the power to search for all the things you’ve seen on your computer and across your digital life. After downloading Atlas, simply copy it to your Applications folder and open it from there. During the set up process, make sure to allow Atlas access to your computer’s accessibility features, and download the Atlas extensions for Chrome or Safari (or both!) Don’t worry, you’ll be walked through those steps. Then, once you’ve gotten through the set up process, follow the prompts to open some websites, messages or documents to feed some data into the system.

2. Try Searching

After you've looked at some content, Atlas will now remember these for you. Open it up and try searching for anything you just looked at. Search by keyword, date, and content type. Each item gives you a quick thumbnail of the content Atlas remembered.

3. Open Any Result

Click on any item to see a larger preview of the file, web page, or email. You can now click on the download button to instantly open up the file from your secure cloud.

4. Narrow Your Results

If your search returns a lot of items, you can easily narrow your results by either choosing a specific kind of content from the pull down bar or clicking on any of the links located around the edge of the results.

5. Privacy

To Block an item, simply click the item you don't want Atlas to save and the Item View will open. Click on the trash can icon located at the bottom of the screen. This will delete the item from Atlas and add it to your "Block List", meaning all future visits to that file or web page won't be remembered by Atlas.

With Pausing, simply click on the Atlas logo in your Mac's status menu (located the top of your screen near the clock) and choose how long you'd like Atlas to stop remembering content on that device.

If you have any additional questions about privacy or our security, please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlas Informatics?

Atlas Informatics is a startup in Seattle with an audacious goal to redefine search as we know it.

What is Atlas?

Atlas is software that makes you smarter and more productive by giving you a searchable photographic memory for your entire digital life. Anything you see on your device can be searched - while keeping you in control of your data.

How does Atlas work?

Atlas runs in the background as you work, chat, play and surf, taking note of what is important to you. It saves everything that you see and interact with in a secure cloud, enabling you to return to it from any device where you've installed Atlas.

How is Atlas different from searches like Google or Spotlight?

Google specializes in web searches, while Spotlight and Cortana help you find local files on your device. Atlas makes the search services you use every day better, by giving you the power to search for anything you see across your entire digital life with one simple search.

When can I start using Atlas?

Atlas is ready now for Mac and iOS. You can also join the waitlist for the upcoming Windows 10 beta.

Which devices will Atlas work on?

Atlas currently will work on Mac OS X and iPhone. While we're in beta, feedback from our beta participants is helping the Atlas team improve the app and expand access to other platforms and devices in the near future.

How is Atlas collecting my data and keeping it safe?

Bottom line, your data is your data. We keep your data safe by ensuring that your digital items are encrypted at rest and in motion. We will never sell your data to a third party. To learn more, read our Privacy Promise.

What’s an iPhone Companion app?

Atlas Recall for iPhone lets you easily find, open, and share the things you’ve seen on your desktop. At this time, Atlas doesn’t yet save the things you interact with on your iPhone, but we are working quickly to add more features soon!

What do I do if I don’t want Atlas to save something?

Use the BLock List or Incognito Mode in Chrome and Private Browsing in Safari to tell Atlas not to save specific files, URLs or applications. You can also use the Pause function in Atlas to temporarily suspend the app.

How do I know if Atlas is running?

You can tell if Atlas is running by looking for the Atlas logo in your Mac’s status menu (located in the top of your screen near the clock). If you see it there, then Atlas has your back.

Can I run Atlas on multiple devices?

Absolutely. Install Atlas on your other desktop computers and mobile devices to get access to your content across them all.

Do I need to log into my email and web accounts to use Atlas?

No. Atlas doesn’t need login information for any of your accounts to work.

What types of content does Atlas save?

Atlas saves everything you look at on your desktop. This includes web pages, social media, docs, apps, chats and everything else you see. And if you prefer Atlas to not save something, use Pause or the Block List.


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