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Atlas Recall gives you a photographic memory for your digital life.

Your searchable index of everything you see across all your devices and apps.

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Mac showing Atlas Recall Search Results.

If you can see it, you can search it and share it from any device.

Atlas Recall works with all the apps, websites, and services you love. No account authorizations required.

This is just a sample of the services Recall works with.
If you find content that isn’t working with Atlas Recall, email us.

Your Privacy Matters

Recall works for you - and you alone. You control what you want Recall to remember and what it should ignore. Read our Privacy Promise for all the details.

Recall Block Screen.

Automatically Saves and Organizes for You

Atlas Recall works in the background, instantly saving and organizing your content. Making the headache of lost files a thing of the past.

Recall Search Results.

Seamlessly Search Across Devices

Your digital content lives across your smartphone, laptop and more, shouldn’t your search do the same? Find and open content across any of your devices – instantly.

iPhone and Mac showing search results.

Search in Google and Spotlight

See your Recall results along with your favorite search tools: Google Search and Spotlight. This feature currently works with Chrome and Safari.

Spotlight and Google Search with Recall Results.

Where is That Item You Sent Me?

Recall's mobile companion app allows you to search and share while on the go.

Recall's mobile companion app.

Share Any Content

Why search in multiple places and then email files when you can do it all from Atlas Recall? Effortlessly share files, emails, webpages and more with friends and coworkers.

Recall Share Screen.

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